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  • Dr Collighan has been appointed as representative
    on the NHS England Clinical Reference Group for Specialised Pain Services
  • Dr Collighan has jointly published several articles in the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine. More..



Dr Neil Collighan


Dr Neil Colligahn

Dr Collighan is a full-time Consultant in Pain Medicine, and was previously Lead Clinician for Pain Services, at East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust. He believes that all pain management strategies should be a combined medical, interventional and psychological approach to ensure optimum results and patient wellbeing.

Dr Collighan has a private practice at the One Ashford Hospital in Ashford Kent and also at the BMI Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury and the Spencer Private Hospital in Margate. He also has six years’ experience in preparing and submitting medico-legal reports with regards to assessment of pain management and other requirements.

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Dr Collighan specialises in a wide range of pain conditions. He has been trained in the more complex interventional procedures including spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal drug delivery devices and intradiscal therapies.

Neuromodulation, a medical procedure used to alter nervous system function for relief of pain, is a particular area of expertise. More

Dr Collighan has jointly established a neuromodulation service in East Kent that provides spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal pump placement.

Dr Collighan has recently developed a private multidisciplinary Spinal Cord Stimulation service for the County of Kent which can be delivered at any of the hospitals he consults out of.

Developing the field of Pain Medicine

In addition to running his pain clinics, Dr Collighan was co-Chair of an editorial group that developed guidelines for Medial Branch Blocks and Radiofrequency Denervation of lumbar facet joints in the United Kingdoms. These have now been published jointly by the British Pain Society and the Royal College of Anaesthetists' Pain Faculty, see here. Dr Collighan is currently the Chair of a working group developing a United Kingdom statement on the use of steroids in axial procedures. He has also been involved in promoting clinical excellence through conducting clinical audits. He was appointed Chair of the British Pain Society Interventional Pain Management group in 2015. He recently chaired the IPM SIG Meeting in Manchester in September. More..

Recent appointment

In 2016 Dr Collighan was appointed as the Southern Representative on the NHS England Clinical Reference Group (CRG) for Specialised Pain Services. He has a special duty as NICE Liaison for the CRG.