Medico-Legal Services


Dr Neil Collighan


Dr Collighan can be contacted through Pain Expert Limited

Pain Expert Limited Oak Lodge Business Centre Oak Lodge School Lane, Little Melton Norwich, NR9 3LB 01603 819115
Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Medico-Legal Experience

Dr Collighan has been involved in the preparation and submission of medico-legal reports with regards to assessment of previous pain management and on-going requirements since 2009. He completes 20-30 medicolegal reports per year, majority claimant but he also has experience with defendant reports.'

He regularly attends the Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference to ensure current legal requirements for Medico-Legal reports are met and also to further his medico-legal training. He has completed the Bond Solon Civil Procedure Rules For Expert Witnesses Certificate.

Dr Collighan is an officer of the Medico-Legal Special Interest Group of the British Pain Society.