Medico-Legal Services


Dr Neil Collighan


Dr Collighan can be contacted through Pain Expert Limited
Pain Expert Limited, The Old Rectory, Church Road, Tharston, Norfolk, NR15 2YG
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Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri

Medico-Legal Experience

Dr Collighan has been involved in the preparation and submission of medico-legal reports with regards to assessment of previous pain management and on-going requirements since 2009. He completes 20-30 medicolegal reports per year, majority claimant but he also has experience with defendant reports.'

He regularly attends the Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference to ensure current legal requirements for Medico-Legal reports are met and also to further his medico-legal training. He has completed the Bond Solon Civil Procedure Rules For Expert Witnesses Certificate.

Dr Collighan is an officer of the Medico-Legal Special Interest Group of the British Pain Society.